Buyer Inspections

This is the most common type of home inspection and is requested by a Buyer of a preowned home. This inspection is recommended to be performed at the beginning of the Buyer's option period once under contract. CODE 3 is committed to strictly following the Standards of Practice mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission, which is our governing body. CODE 3 goes above and beyond in service and quality!

New Home/Phase Inspections

A detailed inspection that CODE 3 provides will point out the items that can be frequently overlooked by the basic code compliance checks required of new home builders in their haste to build and sell new homes. We recommend scheduling these inspections at the three major phases of building: Pre-Pour Foundation, Pre-Drywall, and Pre-Closing

Single Systems Inspections

CODE 3 Property Inspections provides you peace of mind after having most work done by a contractor. 

We can inspect most home remodel and repair work so you know the job was done correctly.

Seller Inspections

The best advantage a Seller can have is full disclosure of the condition of the property before the listing and sales process begins. Having CODE 3 inspect prior to putting your home in the market is an ideal way to avoid surprises and unexpected costly repairs that can affect both the selling price and attractiveness of the home. Our inspection will alert you to  any number of issues that can be resolved before the buyers ever come to your home.

11 Month Warranty Inspections

Having a professional inspection done towards the end of your newly-built homeĀ“s warranty period can be a lifesaver. Most homeowners do not expect problems to arise during the first year but issues arising from the unseen areas, like the crawl space or attic, can go undetected until a critical time, usually long after the warranty period has expired. CODE 3 can save the homeowner from unexpected repairs after the warranty period ends by identifying them early, allowing the homeowner to take advantage of warranty coverage.

Pool and Spa Inspections

Owning a swimming pool or spa as part of your home property is a major undertaking, and it is best to insure that both are in good condition and operating properly. CODE 3 will provide a detailed report on the condition of your pool and/or spa according to the local standards put forth by the State of Texas for your ease of mind.