Top Four Things to Look for When Hiring a Professional Home Inspector

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Are you considering buying a new home? Aside from the cost of a property, and knowing how you will qualify for a mortgage, it’s essential to learn about the condition of the home you are considering. One way of learning about the hazards and flaws of a home is by having a home inspection carried out. Skipping this step can leave you unhappy with your real estate investment.

Here's where the services of a home inspector come in. Home inspectors unearth hidden defects in the structure, roof, cooling, heating, plumbing and other vital areas of a house or building. They are the ones who help you decide if a property is a prudent investment or not.

Licensed home inspectors are trained to examine the structural integrity of houses. They know what to look out for and which areas to scrutinize. If you’re in the process of buying or selling a house and are looking for a home inspector, here’s a list of the top four things to consider before hiring a professional.

1. Qualifications.

Based on the qualifications a home inspector has, you know the areas they specialize in. Some experts have this information available online while others may not. To make sure you are aware of an inspector’s certifications, ask them about it. You can ask which areas of the property they will include in the inspection. If these don’t include the components that you are concerned about, keep looking. A professional will have training in building maintenance and construction and certification to inspect things like asbestos, lead-based paint, pools, and spas, foundation and others areas.

2. Experience.

Are the inspectors you shortlisted experienced? Experience is vital because practice makes perfect and ensures that a person is fit to inspect the property thoroughly. It also limits rookie mistakes which new inspectors make. The more experience a person has, the more strategic their inspection methods become.

3. Round the clock service.

Look at the weekly work hours of the home inspection company. Are they available on weekends when you are off from work? Alternatively, are they only open during weekdays, fixed hours, and upon making an appointment? Professionals who care about your preferences offer flexible services at a time convenient to you. In case of queries, you should be able to speak with them when you are free.

4. Attention to Detail.

The purpose of hiring a home inspector is to have a house carefully checked. However, some inspectors may not pay attention to every detail. To save you the troubles of an incomplete inspection, ask the inspector about the parameters of the inspection. For a more precise idea, ask the inspector for a sample inspection report. See if they include good pictures of problem areas because this information will help you negotiate for a decent deal without a doubt.

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Our inspections include full reports of home safety, potential fire hazards, and health risks. We make sure you get all the details you are looking for and crucial information you might not have thought of. Upon inspection, we also share maintenance tips and update you on all the components and systems in the house so you can buy or sell real estate without stress.

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